Parents' Association

President:            Mrs E Wilson (Headteacher)
Chairperson:       Mr R Joyce    
Secretary:            Mrs T Barnby
Treasurer:           Mrs S Watson

The current Parents’ Association Committee consists of parents/guardians of students across all the year groups in the school, the Headteacher, two members of staff and the Head Girl and her Deputies who represent the students.

All parents/guardians, whose daughters attend the school, are automatically members of the Association.  There are no entry fees or subscriptions and an Annual General Meeting, to elect a new committee, takes place in September every year.

Copies of the constitution of the Parents’ Association are available from the Secretary on request.  The Association, which is a registered charity, is also a member of the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations.

The main objectives of the Association are:

  • To raise funds to provide or assist in the provision of equipment and amenities which are not normally supplied by the school.
  • To engage in activities which support the school and advance the education of the students.
  • To foster good relations between the staff, parents and others associated with the school.

The Association has also continued to fund the Lower Sixth Form Challenge of Management, progress Prizes as well as Creative Arts Day and Theatre Workshops; as well as extra equipment requested by departments.  To assist the school in the leasing costs of the minibus the committee has a “200 Club” monthly draw.  All new members are given the opportunity of joining the draw.

In order to be able to achieve our objectives we welcome the active participation of all parents at the various events held during the year.  We consider the social aspect as important a part of these occasions as the money raised.  Events run include Year 7, Year 7/8 and Year 7/8/9 Discos, whole school Fun Day in October.  Christmas Raffle, Quiz Evenings, providing refreshments and running the bar at the Upper Sixth Graduation Ball.

During the course of the year your daughter will be given information regarding the events and activities organised by the Parents’ Association, please support us.  We believe that the Parents’ Association is an indispensable part of the School’s life.  Please support its many and varied activities.

Chairperson of the Parents’ Association