Photography is now offered as a GCSE course where students will study in depth contextual sources based on contemporary Photography as well as traditional skills and processes in the Dark Room. The course begins in Year 10 with Photo collage and emphasis on contextual analysis and then progresses into manual Photography in Year 11, where taking photos on 35mm film cameras and processing the film and prints in the dark room embraces the main body of the course structure.

The course follows the Art and Design Photography specification and consists of three lengthy projects and an examination unit. Across the whole GCSE course students critically analyse, interpret and engage with artists and professional photography based artists that are relevant to their project direction.  Ideas develop sequentially towards a series of final outcomes consisting of photo collages, dark room photography, and embellished sublimated fabric prints of phots, in sketchbooks and on a larger scale through a series of experimental work.

Students are expected to do a large amount of independent work and prepare fully for every lesson in order to keep up with the pace of the course. We offer an in house photography workshop and excursions during the ‘local landscape’ project where the students are given the use of manual film cameras in order to capture their images, ready for processing.