“Each generation is responsible to make the future of the next.”  Nancy Pelosi, Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives (2007-2011)

Sixth Form

A two year course of study in Politics is offered in the 6th Form.

Politics exists because people disagree. They disagree about how they should live (moral questions), about who should get what (resource questions) and about who should make decisions (power questions). Politics is the process through which people with different ideas, values, opinions and interests attempt to find a way of living together within the same society.

Politics is a linear A Level, but the department offers the AS Level for those students not continuing into Year 13. The A Level consists of three papers – UK Politics, UK Government and Comparative Politics where we look at the politics of the USA and compare it to the UK. The AS Level consists of two papers – UK Politics and UK Government.

A strong emphasis is placed throughout the course on up-to-date knowledge and students are encouraged to follow current affairs and make sense of what appears in the newspapers and on TV. Students will need to develop their skills of argument and debate, bearing in mind that such skills need to be based on evidence and take into account alternative viewpoints. In a subject that is examined by written papers, these skills must also be translated into the ability to mount a powerful, written argument.

Due to the up-to-date and constantly changing nature of the subject matter the exam boards have decided that there will be no coursework element to any Government and Politics syllabus. However, within the course we often make use of examples on our Twitter feed which allow our students to work independently using all available resources.

The Department is determined for students to be n top of the ever-changing world that is politics, whether it be in the UK or the USA. To help students to achieve this goal the Department has a Twitter feed which is devoted to retweeting the latest newspaper and blog articles straight to the students. This resource has proven to be highly popular with our students and was highlighted as ‘outstanding’ practice by OFSTED.

Those thinking of careers in law, journalism, broadcasting, social administration, publishing, business and management would find the subject of direct use in both higher education and employment; there are few courses or types of employment where an understanding of the way political decisions are made and carried out is not important.