Adventure Service Challenge


The Adventure Service Challenge is an exciting scheme open to all Year 7 students which runs over 2 years.  During the programme, students have the opportunity to widen and develop their skills beyond the classroom.

Each year consists of 8 sections which encompass a wide range of Adventure, Service and Challenge.

Stage 1

Section 1: Road craft – learn the Highway Code, cycling skills

Section 2: Cookery – research the components of a healthy, balanced diet and prepare a meal

Section 3: Interests – pursue a new interest for 3 months

Section 4: Service – help raise money for charity

Section 5: Shield – research and appreciate other religions and cultures

Section 6: Camp craft – participate in the Y7 camp

Section 7: Rambling – participate in a hike

Section 8: First Aid – achieve a qualification in first aid

The scheme uses learning within the classroom, outside the classroom and beyond.  It develops independent learning skills, promotes teamwork and develops moral and social understanding.

If you would like any more information or have any queries please contact either Miss McCormack or Miss Yeong on the following emails: